The Hotel Booking Engine made EASY

For Hoteliers AND Guests

What is a Booking Engine?

Wikipedia describes a Booking Engine (or IBE: Internet Booking Engine) as an application which support reservation through the Internet.


  • Because you want/need the 15- 30% that, Expedia, Best Day, etc is taking from you
  • Because you want your guest to be your customer instead of the Tour Operator's customer
  • Because you want to know your customer prior to arrival to provide him/her with a better experience
  • Because you want to offer your customer other services such as transportation, a fruit basket, a champagne bottle, SPA services, etc
  • Because you need the guest contat information so you can offer him/her deals and promotions full year round
  • Because YOU DESERVE IT!: After all, you are doing all the work and the T.O. is getting the money!

What people is usually concerned about before hiring a Booking Engine

It is going to take ages to have it working

To install SmartHotelier Booking Engine you only need to copy and paste 2 pieces of code into your website. If you don not know how to do it, we can do it for you free of charge. If you also want us to upload all your hotel data as well (photos, descriptions, rates etc) we can do this for you for a very small fee.

Another expense?

The true is, if you stop giving up the 30% of your income to the T.O. it does not become an expense, it is money in your pocket!. Plus if you also begin to sell extras before the guest even arrived, you are making the best investment you can.

The guests always call us on the phone

Probably, but they call you after they checked availability, prices, options, etc. and compared everything with your competitors. If they cannot even find this basic information, why would they call you? After they are sure everything is right, they will book the reservation through the booking engine so they can choose exactly the dates and rooms they want. You HAVE to be REALLY ONLINE if you want to compete.

I’m afraid about security

In SmartHotelier we use SSL Security in the whole site. Also SmartHotelier runs in a private server in USA in a state of the art data center. And for the guest's peace of mind, we do not store the guest’s credit card information. This information will go directly to you, only IF YOU DECIDE to ask for it.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel the service whenever you want without paying any penalization fee.

So, you have nothing to lose, just fill out the form and we’ll contact you by email or phone if you prefer to start your subscription or free trial.

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